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Management Team

The operational management of the organisation is the delegated responsibility of a two level management team led by the Chief Executive Officer.

Collectively, the management team has qualifications and experience in:

  • Program development
  • Rehabilitation
  • Delivery of disability services
  • Management of disability services
  • Case management
  • Policy development
  • Health service governance
  • Healthcare
  • Public sector administration
  • Behaviour Intervention Support

The fact that we operate multiple services provides an ideal opportunity for internal cooperation in the development of individual, flexible and seamless supports for people who have complex needs as a result of their impairments.

The Executive Management team comprises the Chief Executive Officer, Executive Manager - Client Services, Executive Manager - People & Culture, Executive Manager - Finance & Commercial Operations and Executive Manager - Community Relations. 

This group is supported by a recently enhanced second level of management in the form of Area Managers, Continuous Improvement & Investigations Officer and Service Innovation Officer.

The members of the management team do not see themselves as working in isolation within their individual support areas, but rather, they recognise the value of a teamwork approach which effectively combines the diverse experience and expertise of each team member in a way that assists and supports innovation and quality in service planning and delivery.

The current members of our management team are:

  • Gail Foster

    Chief Executive Officer

    Gail Foster
    Telephone: 03 5981 5100
    Fax: 03 5987 1533
    Email: gail@focuslife.com.au

  • Toni Stewart

    Executive Manager - Client Services

    Toni Stewart
    Mobile: 0457 611 913
    Email: stewartt@focuslife.com.au

  • Glenn Trewin

    Executive Manager - Finance & Commercial Operations

    Glenn Trewin
    Telephone: 03 5981 5123
    Mobile: 0429 995 578
    Email: trewing@focuslife.com.au