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'focus' Individualised Support Services is the operational arm of Kindilan Society which is an approved Public Benevolent Institution with full registration as a charitable organisation. We are not formally affiliated with any other entity; however we are pleased to be involved in various networks to improve the effectiveness of our work for people with a disability.

Our organisation is governed by a 7 member Board of Directors. The overall responsibility for managing the operational activities is delegated to the Chief Executive Officer who leads a management team consisting of the Client Services Manager and Human Resource Manager. In turn, they provide support to a number of Practice Managers and Active Support Leaders.

'focus' is made up of the following client support divisions:
  • Individual Support Services
    • Individual Support packages, Home First, Support and Choice and Respite Opportunities
  • Residential Services
  • Behaviour Services
These divisions receive administrative support for their work from our Administrative Services division.

At 'focus' we believe in the concept of individuals making a positive difference in their own lives, and in the lives of others.

We assist people to achieve their personal goals and to live a full and abundant life through:

Participation in all decisions, which affect their lives
  • Individualised support programs
  • Participation in community recreation, education and social activities
  • Developing and maintaining friendships
  • Providing opportunities for personal growth and development
  • Upholding your rights as a citizen of Australia
  • The right of people who have a disability to be full and active participants within their community
  • The vital role of family and friends in people‚Äôs live

Fundamental to 'focus' Individualised Support Services is an ethos that supports the importance of family members in the lives of the people who receive our services.

Kindilan Society itself was initially established in 1972, as a small residential school for children with an intellectual disability. Between 1972 and 1979 the accommodation and training services were provided for a small number of children with an intellectual disability, originally under the auspice of the Rudolph Steiner movement. It has since grown to become a much larger organisation focusing on meeting the needs of adults with a wide variety of disabilities.

Given the increasing age profile of the clients, the school was ultimately redeveloped as an Adult Training and Support Service (ATSS), and more recently has undergone a total restructure to become a Community Support Service. The Community Support Service has now extended beyond the original Red Hill buildings to include separate locations throughout the local community. The majority of people attending the service are predominately involved in community based programs, with appropriate staff support.