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Contact Us - Complaints and Compliments

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Complaints & Compliments

focus welcomes all types of feedback about your experience with us.

Feedback may include:

Compliments: These are things that you think we’re doing well or may be recognition of a person you have interacted with. By telling us what you like, we can aim to continue to do these things and provide feedback to staff. 

Suggestions: Your ideas on how we can improve things or do things better can help us to improve our services and ensure they meet your needs and wants. 

Complaints: We want to know when you’re not happy about an experience you’ve had with us. A complaint can be about a person, a service or something you have experienced. We will respond to any complaints received in a timely manner.

How can I provide feedback to focus:

In person - speak to your relevant manager, or support worker

By Phone - contact Head Office on (03) 5981 5100

Email – feedback@focuslife.com.au

Our Complaints, Policy & Procedure can be found here:  Complaints Policy & Procedure