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Residential Support

'focus' offers a range of accommodation services throughout the Mornington Peninsula, each of which is tailored as far as is possible to the individual needs and preferences of people with a disability. Our aim is to work in partnership with people with a disability and their families to provide individually focused services.

Our accommodation services vary from a large rural property at Red Hill South to a range of individual homes situated in the more urban areas of Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula.

The Red Hill site consists of six houses and three flats accommodating 41 adults with a range of intellectual and physical disabilities. Many of the people residing at Red Hill attend the Individual Support programs situated on the property; while others attend day services provided by other organisations based on the Peninsula.

In all of the accommodation service people are encouraged and supported to participate in the running of their home including undertaking meal planning, preparation and cooking, shopping, maintaining their home and planning their social and recreational activities. Everyone receives the support they require to reach their full potential, achieve their dreams and work towards saying "I am living the life I want".

We are committed to support opportunities and experiences that promote personal growth and achievement for all individuals. The Active Support Model has been chosen by 'focus' as our preferred means of achieving this important goal. This model encourages each person to participate to the best of their ability in every aspect of their life; it also acknowledges that everyone can participate when the appropriate support is provided. The support will vary from person to person and includes verbal prompting, role modeling, hand over hand or a combination of any of these.

Support is also provided by staff to enable people to take part in recreational activities so they can participate and connect with their local community. A recreation program is facilitated by additional staffing over the weekend. It is widely recognised that people who are engaged in meaningful activity are much less likely to display challenges that are precipitated by boredom.

The Council of Quality and Leadership (CQL) have developed the Personal Outcome Measures (POMS) This framework is used by 'focus' as a tool to develop and implement a person centered plan for each individual based on their personal interest and preferences.

'focus' is committed to providing all the people residing in our accommodation services with appropriate healthcare. Every individual is different and so are their health needs, with this in mind 'focus' will ensure that each person receive an annual health check. Information from these health checks enable 'focus' to provide a detailed healthcare plan tailored to the individual. Incorporated in these individualised healthcare plans are review dates, information from doctors, specialist appointments along with dental and any other healthcare requirements. Monitoring of the individuals healthcare needs, increasing the chances of leading a health lifestyle within a health environment.

For those who require it a Behaviour Support Plans (BSP) is written when a person displays behaviours that are not helping him/her live, work or enjoy time with other people. The BSP makes sure that all staff know what they need to do to assist the person to work through their issues.